Meet Ownerzone    Exploping infinite possibilities

OwnerZone Ceramics-Sales Team

Meet ownerzone exploping infinite possibilities

The team will strengthen their knowledge of

ceramics ,improve the level of business and master new skills. Through continuous learning and accumulation, to deal with all kinds of problems in daily work more calmly, in the organizational management ability, comprehensive analysis ability, coordination ability. Based on service, improve efficiency, continue to work hard in every aspect of sales, actively expand sales channels.

New starting point, new opportunities, new challenges, OwnerZone sales team will further enhance innovation, service awareness, according to the new situation under the work requirements, characteristics and conditions, study hard, innovative working methods, Enable greater progress in our own work, and create more glory for our company! 

Our Team

Ownerzone Ceramic--Quality Team

Keep improving the quality of products

Quality team establishes product control and quality standards. For product differences, the team should propose timely quality system control standards.

The team establishes product inspection standards, and the quality inspection of each batch of goods should be recorded in written form and reflected by data. We are in line with the good faith attitude and the product quality strict control management idea, according to the customer's request to sell the customer satisafaction product.

OwnerZone R&D Team

our team is capable and efficient which appease any

requirements of customer.

every color paints on a ceramic tile surface;
every brushwork left in the ceramic tile glaze:
they are filled with the passion of artists, designers and craftsmen.
in these natural textures, our team will remove some minor defects, or check the most suitable texure foruse on the ceramic tiles to obtain the final product design. the experienced producer engraves these designs and colors on the surface texture of ceramic tile with a more advanced 8d inkjet printer, and adjusts the glaze formula to make it radiate the color perfectly under the stable high temperature of 1210℃, so as to finally obtain nearly perfect surface texture of ceramic tile.